Whits fur yeh, won’t go by yeh

A Scottish saying to remind us that Fate is always at work!


Full Moon time is often a time when emotions and moods run high.

I was reminded this morning of an old Scottish saying ‘whits fur yeh won’t go by yeh.

which roughly translates to …. What is meant for you by fate, won’t pass you by.                Basically, if it’s part of your fate in life, it will happen.

If you’re feeling impatient, disappointed when things don’t go your way today, your negative emotions may be heighted.    However, NOW is the perfect time to shine a torch on things previously veiled.

What I mean by that is …. the full moon ‘illuminates’ the way…… therefore ask yourself:   What do I need to see about myself or a situation.

Today if you don’t get what you want, things are cancelled or don’t pan out as you expect look within and see what was previously hidden.   It may be your own old beliefs and behaviours or situation that now illuminated and looking with wise eyes you can scrutinise and see clearly what may not have been previously been visible.

The Scottish saying reminds us that ultimately FATE is always at work.

Trust is key here, trust that what is happening or NOT happening is all part of the bigger picture.     It’s wise to know and accept that we get what we need in life, not necessarily what we want.   If things don’t go your way today …. remember if it’s part of fate’s plan for you, …. it will happen.     But only the universe knows when you’ll be ready to receive it.