Those BIG questions in life

Do you ever get one of those questions in your head, one of those big universal mind blowing questions? I mean a question that could change the world as we know it! HEAVY I know. So here is my big question for today……who decided black was the base colour for clothes, the conservative colour, the slimming colour. Why not green?     I mean have you ever walked through a garden full of green and thought, gosh those colours clash, this garden looks too risky or this garden is fat!     When you look at it, what garden with a spectrum of different shades of green and a multitude of colours doesn’t look just awesome?
So that’s my big question as I head to work and of course the universe to prove a point does this. … I’m wearing black trousers a white top and red jacket.    As I walk up the path to the office it’s not an array of black, white and red I see but green, white and red. First a bush with red flowers, next to a bush with white flowers. There in the middle is a combination of green shrubbery highlighted with red and white. Looks awesome of course, why wouldn’t it it’s designed and created by Nature.     Mother Nature my designer of choice.
So ask yourself… should green be the new black?

Something to ponder for sure.     While you consider removing all traces of black from your wardrobe and replacing with green I’ll be taking a couple of weeks break as I move house.   Feel free to make a booking now for mid-November when I’m back on board.    Phone, email or book an appointment via the website for reiki healing, clairvoyant chakra balancing, tarot readings and much more.