I have had a few readings and healings with Rose and each time I come out feeling so much lighter, clearer and connected than I went in.   Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, but always, always, always, feel supported and leave with insight. Sessions with Rose feel like counselling to me or really honest conversation, with no judgements, agenda or rules. Rather than being told what is going to happen, I get prompted and guided to see for myself and empowered to decide how I utilise that wisdom. I look forward to many more sessions with Rose. Highly recommend you do too.

Amy –  Graceville, Qld 

 My recent reading with Rose Milliken was one that has transformed the way I see the year ahead. Rose has the wisdom of a sage, the sensitivity of a healer, and the skill of a master. Her uncanny ability to put a voice to my intuition is deeply affirming . . . and the insights she offers on everything, from career, to health and relationships could only come from a practitioner of her calibre. It is an honour, a blessing and a privilege to experience a reading with Rose.

Robyn – Double Bay, Sydney, NSW.

Rose has a gift that is rare.  I have been privileged to experience a number of Rose’s services and each time a different reaction/feeling/outcome.  I have felt empowered to make decisions that I had been procrastinating on for weeks.  I experienced clarity and was able to focus on my journey ahead…….the road may not be easy but I now knew how I was going to get there.  Thank you Rose xx

Heather – Daisy Hill, Qld

Rose was my first introduction to Reiki/Chakra balancing. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, however Rose had me feeling totally at ease in no time. What a wonderful feeling of warmth, peace and empowerment she bestowed on me! The best way I can describe it is like a massage for my soul.    Another unexpected delight was a visit from my father – through Rose he was with me and I felt his love and pride shining.

The entire experience was a joy and far exceeded what I had hoped for. I left feeling tranquil yet full of clarity and purpose. Thank you Rose for sharing your amazing gift. You really DO have an amazing gift Rose, this is so what you are meant to do in life!!

Carolyn – Daisy Hill, Qld

At times we all need space to sit back, take a breath and re-evaluate.   Rose has provided me with a comforting, safe place to receive guidance and healing and a chance to reconnect with spirit.   She is truly a gifted, compassionate soul who shares from her heart.

Leanne – Forest Lake, Qld

Wow, I have known Rose for over 20 years now and I always knew she was a very special woman, but to actually feel the energy, love and healing that surrounds her each and every day is a true blessing.   Rose has incredible gifts that she has nurtured and she shares these and touches people in her own special way all the time. I always feel energised and peaceful when I spend time with her and the sessions that I have had with Rose always provided me with clarity, direction and a inner sense of well being and guidance that I needed. I am blessed to have Rose in my life.

Lisa – Townsville, Qld

As soon as you meet Rose you will feel her beautiful energy. I have had a few readings with Rose with my most recent being an email reading where I emailed a few questions and received a response within a few days.  The reading resonated with me on many levels and I felt like I understood a lot of the answers but hadn’t acknowledged many of them. This reading has helped me in many ways and I regularly reflect on some of the messages within that reading.

Amanda – Red Hill, Qld