Taking a leap of faith

I’m sure most of us associate the Fool tarot card with new beginnings, starting a journey and even taking a leap of faith. But did you know that the World card can also mean a new beginning?
So what’s the difference you ask? The Fool is truly about new beginnings, starting from scratch, being full of wonder and enthusiasm and often associated with naivety. Whereas the World card, yes it’s about new beginnings too, but this time, you’ve already done one (or more) laps, been around the block so to speak and it’s time to start again. The World card coming at the end of the tarot deck signifies completion and attainment, the end of a project, that you’ve learnt or at least experienced all the highs and lows, up and downs and challenges life has to offer and you’re now ready for a new start. The green laurel signifies success & praise, the female in the middle reminds us to take centre stage and be proud of what we’ve achieved. Ahhh that’s all well and good I hear you say if you’ve just finished a major project or your Uni degree but what if the card appears in a reading and you’ve just come through some tough times, not your favourite few years, in some ways even ‘the worst’ and you’re glad they’re behind you… how is that interpreted as success & praise? Well you got through them didn’t you? Did you learn a thing or two along the way? Do you feel stronger, wiser and maybe a little less gullible or naive now? I bet you learnt some new life skills too because you had to.
I feel the World card is about knowledge and attainment of the ‘life experience’ kind, the kind you can’t find in a book. The World card is praise indeed, a time to celebrate all you’ve achieved and importantly it’s about starting another journey. The Fool is so excited he simply takes a step without too much thought, a leap of faith and off he goes on his journey. The World card while a very positive card heralding a new life journey, like every tarot card, has a flip side or negative connotation and that is, that it’s very easy to get trapped in the feeling of self accomplishment and you actually forget to move on. Look at the female again, one leg is up as if ready to step over the laurel to a new beginning but is she hesitating? There is no denying this can be hard, you’ve been on journeys and they ain’t always easy! Isn’t it so much easier to just languish in the praise and sense of completion? Yes perhaps for a while but not indefinitely. So just like the Uni student facing the reality that it’s time to put the books down and take all they’ve learned and find a job they can apply their knowledge to, so must you.  After all haven’t you just completed a degree from the University of life. Think on the strong person you are now, the resilience you’ve shown when faced with adversity and ask yourself…. ‘What do I really want to do with my new found confidence, resilience and experience?’   It’s too good to waste now by not moving forward.
So one chapter has come to an end, you’ve survived and now it’s time to take the leap of faith and start a new journey.    This time you’re wiser, made a conscious decision to take a challenge of discovery to whatever YOU desire knowing you’re experienced and are ready for whatever life throws at your way.  The World truly is your oyster…….so bring it on!