Smudging for Success

smudgeDid you know that your house and all environments hold residual energy?    Energy from all those good times, the joy and celebrations, love and happiness but equally energy from fights, anger, sadness and grief.   While you may not have thought about it in those terms I’m sure we’ve all walked into a house and experienced that little niggle in our gut that something just didn’t feel right.

I was recently asked by a client to smudge their rental property.    They’d had the unit for a long time with no issues and steady tenants.  However, when the last tenants moved out they struggled to find replacement tenants despite changing agents, spending a tonne of money on cleaning, repairs, maintenance and even reducing rent significantly…. Almost 6 months passed and still no luck.

With all physical, financial and tangible issues taken care of they were running out of answers.  To me it was obvious that what was needed was an energy refresh.   So over I go armed with my trusty smudge stick and a few other tricks up my sleeve.

It’s a ritual that incorporates the use of elements to cleanse the unit leaving the energy fresh and purified.   I open all doors and windows then using a sage smudge stick I walked throughout the unit reciting a prayer to move the energy.    I also used my singing bowl, a great resource that uses vibratory frequencies to help restore out of balance energy.    Lastly, I placed some crystals around the unit that promote different attributes such as wellbeing, safety, grounding and even a couple of rose quartz in the master bedroom.

The smudge ceremony was undertaken on the Thursday and that weekend at the open house the unit was successfully rented…. For 18 months no less.    Now that’s what I call a successful smudge session.