Day 1's extract is from the book 'Soulpreneurs' by Yvetter Luciano

Day 1 When you think about change, what holds you back?  What is stopping you?

We live in a world where many people continue on a path that was chosen for them, or one that they once chose for themselves but no longer aligns with their joy, their soul.  The way you live your life is the greatest lesson you can teach others.  Lead by example.  Give others the confidence to change what is no longer working in their lives.   Be the inspiration!   Be the one who takes the risk.  Security and safety are important, but not at the sacrifice of your soul.

While making major life or career changes can be terrifying, always remember there is something worse;  regret!   What could be worse than living with the fear and regret that you didn’t take the risk?   Seize the day and make the change