Modalities And Workshops

A practiced intuitive healer I offer many different paths to wellness.  The most recognized healing energy practice is Reiki of which I’m a certified master.   Guided by my client’s needs on the day,  I use a variety of technics and allow the Universal source to guide me ensuring that each session is client specific.

An energy healing, or soul healing, focuses on bringing harmony to a person’s life.   Subtle energy shifts, clearing negative energy, balancing the chakras all affect emotional release and help heal.

Specific modalities below may be requested as a single session or a client may allow a session to unfold as needed using some or a combination of the following:

Pricing:      Single Session :                                   $90 per 50 min                                                                                                                                                                  Combined Reading & healing :          $150 per 90 min   

Energy Work:

Scanning the chakras I intuitively see and feel where there is an imbalance.   Identifying which chakra or group of chakras out of alignment is usually a good indication of where in my client’s life there’s also an imbalance.   Describing what I see intuitively for each chakra I then work as a conduit for universal source energy to help bring balance and healing.

Crystals:                Dedicated stones help shift the client’s vibration into alignment with the Universal energy.   They are tangible, physical forms that ground and connect us to the Earth where they’ve been cultivating for centuries from the infinite energy of the sun, earth and water.

Smudging:             Utilising both Sage and Palo smudging technics I facilitate the release of negative, stagnant energy that no longer serves but may still be attached to your etheric field.  Smudging helps achieve a healing state and can enhance your intuition.

 Essential oils:        The use of essential oils from a few drops inhaled, vaporized, or as part of a session can calm, relax, invigorate or stimulate.

Cord Cutting, Healing from Relationships, Past Life & Aura Cleansing sessions are also available.

Tarot Reading: 

Ideal for providing direction, guidance and tapping into the subconscious where the answers and solutions often lie.  During an intuitive reading I see things my clients can’t, and I work with them bringing awareness to their inner knowing, intuition and wisdom to provide empowerment and courage to make decisions and change where necessary.

How to get the best from your session:           Good honest and open conversation is a must as it helps bring matters sitting in the subconscious forward helping you find a pathway from chaos to joy by accessing your own wisdom and trusting your intuition.