Clarity of Vision with the Eagles

I recently visited Vietnam and enjoyed a short cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay.    One of the many highlights was an early morning meditation.     Our first day saw lots of eagles fly overhead and come so close you could almost touch them.    I held out my arms in the hope one might land they were so near….wishful thinking on my part.    Actually I’d probably freak out if one had landed!      I decided very early day 2 before most of the other guests and crew were up and about to seize the opportunity to sit on top deck out in the open and meditate.    Meditation is great for relaxing, bringing a sense of peace and certainly helps put us in touch with our own intuitive self and more receptive to our spiritual guides and animals.

The peace, the calm, the wind, the sound of the ocean all perfect for meditation and quieting the mind.     Within my mediation, with all stress and present day worries out of my head, I was free to accept the message of my meditation.

The Celts believed Eagles represented spiritual knowledge and clarity of vision.    They are represented in many cultures as symbols of strength, courage, wisdom, intuition and psychic ability to name a few.     So what did I get out of the meditation.

I was presented in one hand with an eagle egg as a symbol of inner knowledge…the gold that lies within each of us from birth.    In the other hand an eagle chick, recognising growth and acknowledging that even from the smallest of creatures something majestic and sacred can and does become a reality.    Thirdly I was in the presence of the eagle council.    A sense of honour to sit amongst the eagles, a kinship and trust.   The council’s purpose is to pass on knowledge and lead the way.  They emphasised to me that sharing of knowledge is important and necessary for my own personal growth as well as others.

What an amazing meditation, so clear and vivid that it stayed with me all day and longer.  The energy, the power, the majesty of the eagle.   I was truly blessed to have had the experience.    It’s amazing what we experience when we relax, let go and just accept.