Love is greater than hate

Recently I heard something Mother Teresa had said “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there” At the time I thought nothing more of it other than it was an interesting way of looking at things, a more positive way. But this week I’ve found it repeating time and time again in my head. I even used it while talking to someone!
Isn’t it a great reminder of what we focus on intensifies? Instead of focussing on war we are encouraged to focus on peace.
Then along the same lines I’m reminded again by Universal force that love truly is greater than hate. I’m hoping most of you would have seen this post on Facebooklove is greater and hate

Love is greater than Hate
Peace is greater than War

Is the universe trying to remind us of what we can do to help this planet? Pick up any paper or turn on any electronic device and you can’t hide from the tragic events happening around the world and on our doorsteps. Are you starting to say, ‘Yes but isn’t it all so far away, I’m only one person how can I help, or it doesn’t affect me why should I even bother’. Well maybe you feel that way, maybe that’s true but YOU, yes YOU can have an effect. Believe it people, every action you take, how you talk or interact with others has an effect. It’s easy to get angry, mad, furious and downright annoyed about many things happening in our daily lives. But as I said earlier, what we focus on intensifies. How often do you catch yourself feeding off this negativity? Has this negativity, hate and disappointment become so much part of your life that you aren’t even aware you are caught in this energy. This week, your homework shall we say……Take a leaf out of Mother Teresa’s and the Buddhist’s book. Change your thoughts and behaviour and tackle life from a place of love and peace. I certainly don’t want a world of hate, anger, and rage but rather I want one full of love, peace, harmony and kindness and that starts with me. Sending you all much love and light x