Is it a coincidence

or is the Force with you?

Coincidences, don’t you love them? Or are you even aware of them? If you’ve read any of my previous blogs you’ll know it makes me laugh at how my guides communicate with me. At times the message is so darn obvious, repeated in many ways, that I can’t help but ‘get it’. Is it really just a coincidence when you keep seeing or hearing the same topic over and over? When you start to notice those little coincidence here and there it’s amazing how quickly you become aware that well maybe it isn’t really a coincidence but just how it’s all meant to be, that things are happening exactly as they should. No amount of pushing and shoving is going to change things, so start noticing the messages and coincidences and go with the flow. Let me share my day yesterday and see if you can pick up any coincidences or a common theme.

Public holiday Monday therefore no rush or stress and with no one at home I can do exactly as I please. Some alone time, me time. First a walk with the dogs followed by a coffee on the veranda with time to just sit and ponder whatever comes to mind. To add to my already serene mood I decided a meditation in the sun would be perfect. A tarot card meditation was my choice and the card chosen was The Hermit. For those unfamiliar with the Hermit he represents a time of inner retreat, contemplation, soul searching, quiet reflection and meditation (ok that’s very top line) all of which assist with a spiritual journey. But wait a minute….quiet reflection, pondering, meditation…..……mmmm isn’t that exactly what I’m doing!  He can represent deliberation over those big dynamic questions such as ‘what’s my life purpose’ down to those equally important but not so daunting times in our life when we need to reflect and sense check career, relationships and even our way of life making sure it’s in line with our changing values and growing spirituality. The Hermit can also indicate that we ourselves having travelled the spiritual path, gained a level of knowledge and a growing sense of purpose can in fact help others on their path too. The Hermit most often appears in a reading when we need to stop, reflect and reassess. So with my Hermit meditation done I make another coffee and sit enjoying the peace and quiet. As I contemplate and ponder my day ahead I look down at my Fitbit and see I’ve walked 7777 steps. Oh that’s so odd I thought (really I should know better!) as I’d noticed the day before when it also registered exactly 7777 and even made comment to my husband. Being curious as to why 2 days in a row I notice the same number I went in search of more information and knowledge. For those unfamiliar with numbers, the ‘Idiot’s Guide to Numerology’ states that 7 represents: Time alone, privacy, the search for truth and wisdom, solitary retreat! When I’m doing a tarot reading and 7’s appear my own list of ‘seven words’ include: reflection, assessment, spirituality, discovery and knowledge.   Sounding familiar?
As if I hadn’t gotten the message in the morning that “Rose be like the Hermit”, last night as I watched Star Wars the original first one, a character Old Ben is mentioned and described as a Hermit. Old Ben turns out to be Obi Wan Kenobi and doesn’t Obi Wan help Luke on his spiritual journey to trust his feelings, his intuition and find the Force? Like so many I’ve lots happening in my life at the moment and the Hermit card was a perfect reminder to take a leaf out of his book, validation so to speak that not only is it ok to retreat, ponder and meditate its crucial if we want to heighten our intuition, search for answers and continue on our spiritual journey. So regardless of what’s happening in your life at the moment you need time out.  Start looking for the coincidences, trust your intuition and as the Hermit Obi Wan Kenobi would say…may the Force be with you.