Do you have the guts, tenacity and wherewithal?

Do you have the guts, tenacity and wherewithal?
I’ve been working on technology this week. Not my strength if you ask Antonia and Carl (aka the wiz) my long suffering work colleague and nephew. Numerous calls of ‘help’ and they can attest that computer programs are not my strength. Talking of strength is it really a surprise I’ve been studying the Strength Tarot card this week? Like all things we love in life I’m sure I’m not the only person who continually loves to read, Google, keep up to date and expand my knowledge on my passion, which for me includes tarot cards. So the Strength card has been my focus of knowledge this week by way of reading and meditation.
My openness to really delve into the Strength card saw the universe sharing and letting me experience firsthand some wonderful examples of the Strength Card. For those not familiar with the card it shows a young woman appearing to tame a lion.

For me this card is NOT about killing, our basic primal animal side, but about harnessing them, coming at our challenges with determination, perseverance and endurance. But here’s the thing about the Strength Card; it’s about taking the best of our basic survival needs and managing them not in an aggressive forceful animalistic way (lion) but harnessing them together with our more mature, higher perspective, calm and peaceful perspective, some may even say our manipulative side (young woman).
I love how the universe helps me see, live and experience the true meaning of my thirst for knowledge and understanding. So that said here is what I learnt about Strength today:
I gladly helped my friend by spending time with her visiting dad. Now here’s a man of 87 who only last year spent 9 months out of the 12 in hospital. Doctors said he’d not walk again but through his sheer determination, endurance and perseverance here he is in Australia visiting his daughter. So what gave him the strength?? Was it a primal urge to see his daughter, sheer stubbornness often associated with animals that caused him to defy the doctor’s prognosis! Or was it his mature, calm and reassuring personality that convinced all around him that his ambition to travel half way around the world was an amazing yet achievable goal. Either way, here he is in Brisbane and I had the pleasure of spending time with a man, so crippled with pain and arthritis, yet the epitome of The Strength card. He used one aspect (represented by the young woman) to logically and maturely make all the arrangements allowing him to visit but his driving force underneath all that calm and maturity was his inner animal (the lion) that drove him with desire and passion to make such an arduous journey to come see his daughter he loves. One amazing man.
As if that wasn’t enough of an example of The Strength Card….as I said I’m working through my technology issues (Carl I’m coming to see you tomorrow!) when I came across this message sent to me a while ago. Am I the only person to sees why this presented today? ………..
‘We are all the same, we can all do the same stuff. It’s just who has the tenacity, the wherewithal and the guts to make something happen’.
So here is my goal….when I’m 87 I’m still full of The Strength Card and have the tenacity, wherewithal and guts to be the best me ever!
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