3 Things I learnt on my girl’s weekend

Recently I was fortunate to spend time with 2 of my closest friends in a lovely part of Queensland; Maleny. We had an absolute blast and for me there were 3 call outs:

1) Spending time with girlfriends who are totally honest and open, who share values, listen without judgement, are supportive and nurturing brings joy to my life that feeds and heals my soul.
2) Don’t wait for the life you want, rather start setting plans in place e.g. Long before a train can arrive you have to lay the tracks. Without the tracks your train will never arrive. When you act, life starts and manifestations begin.
3) Stop waiting for the ‘bad patch’ the ‘difficult year’ to end and realise this IS life! It’s not about periods of hardship, loss and frustration versus happy, positive and fulfilling times but simply its life. A reminder that life happens and all we really can control is how we manager our emotions. There is no end to the roller coaster of life until the very end! Until then, strap yourself in, throw your hands in the air and enjoy the ride. As with all rollercoaster rides there are highs and lows, fast and slow but ultimately one hell of a ride.