2016 the year of change

How many times have you heard “2016 the year of change?”       Personally, I’d say too many.      Why, well simply it’s because it’s always associated with the negative. I get that change can be scary, goodness the start to my year has been anything but smooth sailing. Change forced upon me in a work capacity despite my best efforts to rationalise, change in my elderly family’s health, change even in the mundane everyday expectation that I have a car to use. So yes, 2016 is absolutely a year of change.
But is it something to be scared of? Something to fear? Absolutely not.

autumn trio
Just like the rejuvenation of nature, the change in seasons, it’s all necessary if we want to continue to be bigger, stronger and more vibrant…..more importantly survive! Think of a tree whose leaves change colour in a splendid array of beauty only to shed them and be left naked and vulnerable while the new growth takes hold. Only by shedding the old, exposing our vulnerability can we really hope to blossom bigger bolder and stronger than before.
Stress of change is really fear of the unknown. My recommendation for 2016, is to forget the negative connotations and embrace it.     Live in the moment, manage what you can control and don’t jump forward to what might or might not happen. Why waste energy on speculating the worst of the future, or reminiscing on how things were yesterday. Concentrate on today, this moment, this wonderful gift call the present. Love those around you, love yourself and most importantly remember….The Universe gives us what we need, not what we want.    What we need in 2016 will become evident as the year goes on, but for today, in this moment in time…..take a deep breath and know that all is well.