Feeling blocked? Is the toilet the right place for you?

When I decided to write a blog for my webpage, I thought I love chatting and emailing friends on what’s going on and sharing some insights, this should be easy! But boy, as soon as it’s for a blog….I’m blocked. Every time I thought about what and how I should write I felt blocked. So let me ask you, is there someplace or some activity that seems to always bring out your most insightful moments? Those light bulb ideas? Well this is where the toilet comes in; – it’s my light bulb place. When I said blocked, you didn’t think I meant the you know what kind of blocked did you?
For me when I’m performing my morning routine; shower, teeth, hair, texting friends etc., most of which at the same time I’ve come to realise over the years that this is when I get my most insightful messages. Thoughts of people to contact, behaviours to be aware of for the day, creative ideas etc. Fresh and relaxed I’m at my most open and receptive to my guides and their prompts to assist me be the best I can.

This morning as I dried my hair and brushed my teeth I realised I’d picked up an almost finished tube of toothpaste and then proceeded to get annoyed with myself as there was a full one right next to it.  I mean really, if only I’d picked up the full one I’d have saved myself some time instead of trying to squeeze the end of the thin used one. At that moment, there in the bathroom, that’s when it happened that thought in my head out of the blue……why not blog about our ongoing frantic need to save time, increasing stress levels and its impact on our ability to receive messages. In all honestly how much time would squeezing toothpaste from a new tube have saved me compared to an old one, a second or two, but more importantly in today’s society of stress, rush, disposable this and that, too busy, too anxious etc., are we missing out on all the glorious messages and insights that are there if we just stop and listen?
When we are relaxed we are more open to receiving messages and it gives our guides a chance to cut through all the normal noise and bustle going on in our heads. So find your light bulb place, be it the garden, in the shower, on the throne or in the bathroom. Quiet your mind, relax, be present and let the thoughts and ideas flow. It may take a while but over time the messages will become stronger and you’ll intuitively know they’re your guides and not just your busy head voices.
So next time I’m blocked on what to write for a blog I know exactly where I need to go. But next time a lovely bath with candles might be in order. Ahhhhhh bliss x.

When thinking small really is the BIG thing to do

How often do we see something like these little gems of wisdom and think yep starting tomorrow I’m going to become all spiritual and enlightened! Only to forget our new found search for enlightenment as we face our day. Some days we can feel so far removed from enlightenment that we’re positively in the dark as the day to day stress of life, people and work pushes our buttons.

Here’s my tip: forget the big quest for enlightenment and think small.   Yep that’s what I said  SMALL.

Let’s face it, how many of us are fortunate enough to retreat up a mountain or escape to an ashram? That’s why I love these little gems because they are a daily guide. As it says JUST FOR TODAY:-
I will let go of worry: We are all on a journey and only the universe knows the outcome and lessons we need to experience, so why worry. Worrying about past mistakes won’t help today and remember we are thinking small…just for today. Equally why waste time today on what might or might not happen in the future. So swap worry for living in the moment and being present.
I will let go of anger: Anger at another person or situation is anger at yourself as we are all connected, all part of the whole, that thing called universal energy. I’m sure we’ve all felt the energy when someone walks into a room who is unhappy or angry. Yikes! Wouldn’t you rather be the person who lights up a room when you walk in? Let tolerance, compassion and understanding be your first thoughts when faced with a challenge today.
I will do my work honestly: When I said think small here is a great example of working honestly. Try and see the house chores as a blessing, yes a blessing. Looking at them differently can bring all the reiki precepts together. So you have a heap of ironing to do, why not look at it this way…. You are worry free as you have sufficient clothes, otherwise I’m guessing you wouldn’t have a full basket! Be free of anger about having to spend time changing the bedsheets and rather be blessed that you have a warm, comfortable bed that you, your family and pets (kind to every living thing) can enjoy.
I will give thanks for my many blessings: Do you ever stop throughout the day and think just how grateful you are for the abundance in your life. Blessings in your life can be many things we often take for granted; the smile of a child, a loving partner, a beautiful garden, a job you love, a warm cup of mint tea etc. Go on think small and today name at least 5 things you count as a blessing in your life.
I will be kind to every living thing: Being kind to others is being kind to yourself as we are universally connected. Tolerance, happiness with no anger or stress when interacting with others is crucial. Remember you get what you put out. Therefore every day treat others the way you want to be treated, with kindness, love and respect.
So think small and act consistently every day. And just think, collectively we will work towards lifting the universal energy vibrations towards peace, harmony and a happier planet. Not bad for thinking small!

Do you have the guts, tenacity and wherewithal?

Do you have the guts, tenacity and wherewithal?
I’ve been working on technology this week. Not my strength if you ask Antonia and Carl (aka the wiz) my long suffering work colleague and nephew. Numerous calls of ‘help’ and they can attest that computer programs are not my strength. Talking of strength is it really a surprise I’ve been studying the Strength Tarot card this week? Like all things we love in life I’m sure I’m not the only person who continually loves to read, Google, keep up to date and expand my knowledge on my passion, which for me includes tarot cards. So the Strength card has been my focus of knowledge this week by way of reading and meditation.
My openness to really delve into the Strength card saw the universe sharing and letting me experience firsthand some wonderful examples of the Strength Card. For those not familiar with the card it shows a young woman appearing to tame a lion.

For me this card is NOT about killing, our basic primal animal side, but about harnessing them, coming at our challenges with determination, perseverance and endurance. But here’s the thing about the Strength Card; it’s about taking the best of our basic survival needs and managing them not in an aggressive forceful animalistic way (lion) but harnessing them together with our more mature, higher perspective, calm and peaceful perspective, some may even say our manipulative side (young woman).
I love how the universe helps me see, live and experience the true meaning of my thirst for knowledge and understanding. So that said here is what I learnt about Strength today:
I gladly helped my friend by spending time with her visiting dad. Now here’s a man of 87 who only last year spent 9 months out of the 12 in hospital. Doctors said he’d not walk again but through his sheer determination, endurance and perseverance here he is in Australia visiting his daughter. So what gave him the strength?? Was it a primal urge to see his daughter, sheer stubbornness often associated with animals that caused him to defy the doctor’s prognosis! Or was it his mature, calm and reassuring personality that convinced all around him that his ambition to travel half way around the world was an amazing yet achievable goal. Either way, here he is in Brisbane and I had the pleasure of spending time with a man, so crippled with pain and arthritis, yet the epitome of The Strength card. He used one aspect (represented by the young woman) to logically and maturely make all the arrangements allowing him to visit but his driving force underneath all that calm and maturity was his inner animal (the lion) that drove him with desire and passion to make such an arduous journey to come see his daughter he loves. One amazing man.
As if that wasn’t enough of an example of The Strength Card….as I said I’m working through my technology issues (Carl I’m coming to see you tomorrow!) when I came across this message sent to me a while ago. Am I the only person to sees why this presented today? ………..
‘We are all the same, we can all do the same stuff. It’s just who has the tenacity, the wherewithal and the guts to make something happen’.
So here is my goal….when I’m 87 I’m still full of The Strength Card and have the tenacity, wherewithal and guts to be the best me ever!
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Welcome to my website

I’m so excited to present my lovely web site, it all seems so real now. First and foremost before anything else is said I have to thank Robyn Gipters for, well, everything! Without her there would be no logo, email signature and certainly not this website. Her assistance and knowledge on, well again, everything has taken me from a concept of starting my own business to actualising it and bringing it to life. Robyn I’m blessed to have you as my friend and I’ll be forever grateful x
So what’s this all about and what does it mean for you? In a nut shell let me ask, “Do you want to live a life you love? Are you looking for a new direction or some clarity’? Through a session of tarot, reiki, or clairvoyant healing etc. I can help you connect with your mind, body and spirit.
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