Are you speaking your truth?

Communicate can inspire & move whole nations but what’s your motivation? When ego steps in are you being self-righteous, judgemental or even manipulative? Do you scream, shout, talk over others to be heard?

Alternatively, have you lost your voice, fearful of saying something wrong, being judged, only ever believing the voice of others?   Choosing to say nothing and hold your voice can fester internally breeding animosity, anger and rage.       At worst we ignore the most powerful form of communication: – our intuition and the ability to transcend ordinary limitations of the body.

5.throat chakra

The Heart Chakra

How’s your heart?

Are you afraid to love for fear of rejection?     Are you giving too much love to others and NOT yourself?    Does your heart feel lonely, sad or hurt?

Get to the heart of the matter and give yourself some compassion and self love.    Remember LOVE is the ultimate healing force.


4.heart chakra

New Year, the ideal time to make a booking

NY fb post

The end of one year and the beginning of another can make us all a little uncertain. We make resolutions, promise to make positive changes and sometimes put so much unnecessary pressure on ourselves, our resolutions are often out the window within days/weeks.

Most of us want change and perhaps to move our life in a different direction.   A tarot reading is like a map showing you the way.   The cards are rich with symbolism and can help you understand your path, motivations, blocks and subconscious desires.    All of which provides clarity.

Or are you so flat, tired and just downright unsure?    A chakra energy balance may be just what you need?   Working with your spiritual energy centres a balance can help uncover blocks, patterns and fears that hold you back,  limiting your ability to be the best version of yourself.

Follow website prompt to make a booking or phone/message.

We all deserve an amazing year.

In need of a Spring Clean? This workshop is for YOU.

An introduction on cleansing your space, mind, body and spirit



Come along and spend an afternoon learning all things cleansing, from smudge sticks, crystals, rituals and more.

Have fun with like minded people while knowing you will walk away feeling lighter, happier and uplifted.

For registration details, email me on:

This Sunday 26th August,   1pm to 4pm

Time to dust off that old energy and make ready for change.     See you then x

The Art of Smudging Workshop

smudgingv1Please join me on August 26th for my first ‘Art of Smudging’ Workshop.    Using many techniques we will explore various ways to cleanse our surroundings, body, mind and spirit.

I will share ways of using Smudge Sticks, Crystals, Salt, Sound etc to lift our energy, negate others effect on us and many other ways of utilising these wonderful resources.

All you’ll need is an open mind, notebook and pen.

Investment :     $70

Date:                  Sunday 26th August 2018

Time:                 1-4pm

Afternoon tea provided.

Secure your spot now by emailing:

Smudging for Success

smudgeDid you know that your house and all environments hold residual energy?    Energy from all those good times, the joy and celebrations, love and happiness but equally energy from fights, anger, sadness and grief.   While you may not have thought about it in those terms I’m sure we’ve all walked into a house and experienced that little niggle in our gut that something just didn’t feel right.

I was recently asked by a client to smudge their rental property.    They’d had the unit for a long time with no issues and steady tenants.  However, when the last tenants moved out they struggled to find replacement tenants despite changing agents, spending a tonne of money on cleaning, repairs, maintenance and even reducing rent significantly…. Almost 6 months passed and still no luck.

With all physical, financial and tangible issues taken care of they were running out of answers.  To me it was obvious that what was needed was an energy refresh.   So over I go armed with my trusty smudge stick and a few other tricks up my sleeve.

It’s a ritual that incorporates the use of elements to cleanse the unit leaving the energy fresh and purified.   I open all doors and windows then using a sage smudge stick I walked throughout the unit reciting a prayer to move the energy.    I also used my singing bowl, a great resource that uses vibratory frequencies to help restore out of balance energy.    Lastly, I placed some crystals around the unit that promote different attributes such as wellbeing, safety, grounding and even a couple of rose quartz in the master bedroom.

The smudge ceremony was undertaken on the Thursday and that weekend at the open house the unit was successfully rented…. For 18 months no less.    Now that’s what I call a successful smudge session.

When life gives you attitude


oban gratitudeOk I was feeling pretty annoyed (pissed was my preferred word to be honest) this week as an event caused me some stress and anxiety.   But that’s life isn’t it.   Which one of us has the perfect life where nothing bad or upsetting happens?  Anyone??

Wallowing in my own thoughts it was time to put my ‘self-care’ plan in motion….   I called my ‘go to’ friend.    After lots of chatting, sharing of ideas and hearing it like it is, we both ended up laughing and feeling so much better.     She reminded me to focus on my gratitude instead of the negatives.   Isn’t it hard to feel gratitude when you wallow in ‘life’s a bitch’ mentality but that’s exactly when we need to stop and smell the roses so to speak.    In my case it was stop and smell the smelly dogs!  Phew they need a bath but boy does my heart burst when they look at me with pure unadulterated love at the mere thought of getting walked.    I’m grateful they fill me with JOY.

Most of us, without thinking about it, will have strategies in place to help us through life; a little money set aside for that rainy day, ongoing personal development to keep us growing, a tub of ice cream in the freezer.      What about a strategy for your self-care.   I encourage all of you to get a ‘self-care’ plan.    It might be as simple as writing 3 bullet points and sticking them on the fridge:   1)    Call a friend, one who will not allow you to wallow but will remind you to be positive and find gratitude,   2)   change your environment,  for example walk the dogs and revel in their gratitude for taking them, or smudge your house and invite gratitude in,  and   3)   journal 5 things you’re grateful for.

Your plan can be as simple as 3 points or as long as you want to make it.    Just make sure you action them and move on.    Giving gratitude is easy when life seems cushy, but finding gratitude can change your mindset and bring joy when we need it most.