Understanding Cure vs Healing

Understanding the subtle difference between cure and healing can make all the difference.  When we do some soul searching we all have the power to heal ourselves.

Are you seeing patterns in your life, feel stuck and looking for direction?     Make a booking and together we will access your own wisdom within to help you move from chaos to joy.




Visit of a lifetime, Callanish Standing Stones

Summer Solstice

stones mid summer

A long held dream come true, …….   A visit to the Callanish Standing Stones, Isle of Lewis,  Scotland.

What made my visit to the stones all the more special was the fact it was the Summer Solstice.   A coincidence….. certainly not.    It was a birthday treat to myself to visit the site on the most magical of days.

Its hard to describe the feeling of being around the stones, the energy felt when you touch, hug and caress them.     Visually you become enthralled as you ‘see’ people, shapes, symbols and images with every change in light that casts across the many stones.

As I touched the stones, paused and let the energy and emotions sweep over me, the sense of connection was palpable.    I couldn’t possibly image the number of kindred spirits who’d taken this same journey over the last 5000 year to this sacred place, but I could certainly feel their presence.

Everyone’s journey to the stones is different, no one more important, sacred or special than the other.

For me as I stool alone, in amongst the many other visitors that summer solstice, my realisation was that not only is it okay to be my authentic self, but life is so much more fulfilling and rewarding when I am.

Are you speaking your truth?

Communicate can inspire & move whole nations but what’s your motivation? When ego steps in are you being self-righteous, judgemental or even manipulative? Do you scream, shout, talk over others to be heard?

Alternatively, have you lost your voice, fearful of saying something wrong, being judged, only ever believing the voice of others?   Choosing to say nothing and hold your voice can fester internally breeding animosity, anger and rage.       At worst we ignore the most powerful form of communication: – our intuition and the ability to transcend ordinary limitations of the body.

5.throat chakra

The Heart Chakra

How’s your heart?

Are you afraid to love for fear of rejection?     Are you giving too much love to others and NOT yourself?    Does your heart feel lonely, sad or hurt?

Get to the heart of the matter and give yourself some compassion and self love.    Remember LOVE is the ultimate healing force.


4.heart chakra

New Year, the ideal time to make a booking

NY fb post

The end of one year and the beginning of another can make us all a little uncertain. We make resolutions, promise to make positive changes and sometimes put so much unnecessary pressure on ourselves, our resolutions are often out the window within days/weeks.

Most of us want change and perhaps to move our life in a different direction.   A tarot reading is like a map showing you the way.   The cards are rich with symbolism and can help you understand your path, motivations, blocks and subconscious desires.    All of which provides clarity.

Or are you so flat, tired and just downright unsure?    A chakra energy balance may be just what you need?   Working with your spiritual energy centres a balance can help uncover blocks, patterns and fears that hold you back,  limiting your ability to be the best version of yourself.

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We all deserve an amazing year.