About Rose

When people ask me what I do, especially around my Clairvoyant Healing, the conversation always seem to gravitate to where my journey began.   Often I feel when I’m asked that, that there is an expectation of some kind of lightning strike or a glowing light followed by a visit from an angel at the bottom of my bed…or better still a visit from an old aunt telling me the lotto numbers.

But no, there wasn’t one monumental event that started this journey for me. The truth is like everyone else, I have an intuitive side, an inner knowing, a feeling in my gut when something is not right and a sense of peace when I let go of worry and let the universe happen.   I began to tune into the odd feeling here and there, the occasional awareness of patterns and coincidences and sensing of messages. So slowly over time rather than ignore or pretend these events weren’t happening, I decided to pay attention, actively look for the coincidences and embrace what the universe was wanting me to see, feel and understand.

I’ve spent years enhancing my skills and my hunger for knowledge and understanding of all aspects of spirituality, clairvoyant healing, reiki and tarot has seen me study with some of the best in the industry.  On top of that I’ve read mountains of books and attended more seminars and workshops than I can count.

BUT…..here’s the thing.   When you trust, truly believe in universal energy, clairvoyant messages and guidance, the wonderful story and empowerment the tarot cards provide, no amount of certificates or qualifications are needed.   You listen to your gut and the universe tells you it’s the right thing on your soul’s journey.

I offer Reiki, Clairvoyant Healing, Past Life therapy, Tarot Readings and more.   My goal with my healing is to not only help heal and empower my clients but to also impart the knowledge I’ve gained over the years to assist others on their Spiritual Journey.   If I can help break down barriers to old beliefs and patterns, help you learn to love yourself, empower you to make choices and offer a safe environment for you to study and spend time with like-minded people in a room full of vibrant positive energy then I’m doing exactly as the universe wants of me.